I’m Chris Woodman – I am an Australian ventriloquist/comedian. I started life as a musician and comedian….but….after a while a voice came to me and said, “Chris – become a ventriloquist, and help stop World Seriousness!”
And I did just that! I went to work with my little troupe doing a variety of venues, mainly on the east coast of Australia, distributing laughs to the masses.
Sometime back I decided to stop, look around and do a re-write – and then along came another year where we all had to take time-out (and we all know how the time-out thing goes).
Now, me and my crew of loitering louts have emerged from the trees and the kangaroos to entertain the world! Put down that toasted sandwich and have a merry moment with us!
So – click on the YouTube icon – go to our YouTube channel and have a look!


Hope to see you soon!



removing the gravitas from planet Earth….Copyright Chris Woodman 2021